They say that when you look at your books, you can always tell what you love and are passionate about. When I looked at my bookshelf, the books were about herbs, essential oils, different modes of healing, travel, sex and money. I was always seeking and finding different ways to heal body, mind and soul. I took classes, earned certifications, and studied for my masters degree. I have always been the one that people came to for help or advice. After working with my own coach, I realized that I could actually have a business doing what I love and helping people all at the same time.
To Heal, Help, Educate and Listen

“Sophia has genuineness and is relatable which allows me to feel comfortable to be open and honest with my most personal issues. In session she considers both sides equally and offers positive techniques that cater specifically to our personalities. We have been to counseling in the past where there was a disconnection between us and our counselor because she seemed to be doing everything textbook rather than personalizing techniques for us as individuals. However, Sophia provides both a professional and inviting atmosphere. (We have gotten) to clear the air in our relationship with topics we felt we couldn’t discuss without fighting; positive techniques and tools for effective communication with one another. As an individual I feel heard,
understood and validated.”

– Alisha, Actor


The 30 Day Self Love Challenge