I work with women who wake up wondering if there is more to life than they are currently experiencing. They want to create life their way to enjoy a stress-less life of joy, passion and fulfillment so that they can experience better relationships, call in more money and have better health all while healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. They are ready to rediscover their dreams long forgotten, figure out their purpose, and ignite their passion. They want a purpose driven, love filled life of ease and flow that allows them to be at peace.


A world where people understand that health and wholeness is their birthright; People find their purpose and live a life doing what they came to do; realizing that philanthropy rocks and we can all do it in our own way whether big or small.


To change the future one person a time by allowing them the space to give themselves permission to live their authentic life, the one where they find their version of happiness and fulfillment all in a loving and non-judgmental container.


I love to laugh, have fun, travel and shoot – with my camera. I’m passionate about seeing the world and recording it along the way. Part of travel for me is seeing the way other people live and understanding their culture. It serves to remind me that we are more the same than we are different. I realize I don’t have to fly halfway around the world to do that since I can experience a lot of it in my own backyard but then I would also be missing out on the amazing scenery, food and atmosphere that travel brings. It also provides a change in perspective which is important to personal growth and problem solving. Remembering that a smile can take you a long way to bridge the gap in communication when you don’t speak the same language and need help, that help is just around the corner if you ask for it and there is nothing like eating a certain type of food in the country it originated in.

I like to adventure closer to home and enjoy the activities here, however, I also like to say home. I can sometimes be found reading a book, watching shows I’ve dvr’d or binge watching a good series. I am just as likely to get squirreled while on my computer and fall into several rabbit holes of stories or research and wondering where the time has gone.


I asked myself how I could put together everything that I have learned to help other people. We are all connected and feel the need for connection. I decided to work with women because I believe that is where I can best serve.

I take an integrative approach to working with clients. I use all of the tools in my tool belt to work with each individual and see what works best for them. The approach is tailored and unique to each individual so they get the most out of their sessions. Just as each of us has our own unique fingerprints, each person is unique even if their surface issues appear similar. This is because each person brings their family history, their experiences and their expectations into their reality.

I believe in magic! I see it every time a client makes a connection, walks away with a new insight or practices with the tools they are given to make positive changes in their everyday lives.

I love to see people transform, feel better, have aha moments!


I’ve spent a lot of time using the word “i” so you could get to know me but you must be wondering what’s in for you to work with me. You get accountability. We will be accountable to each other but you will also be held accountable to yourself. You get freedom from whatever limits are holding you back, beliefs that no longer serve you, doubts, insecurities, self-sabotage, stress, to be who you were born to be, to live the life you want, to know the feeling of real self-love and release pain and suffering.


I have my Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy. I am a certified life coach, an advanced PSYCH-K facilitator and Reiki Master. I am also a Past Life Regression Specialist.

“You don’t pull any punches when needed without being confrontational. I’ve learned that my opinion matters and it’s better to express myself than to hold it in and suppress it. Thank you.”

– Geoff, Technician