Essential oils are nature’s healers.  They are a natural and effective way to be empowered and start taking control of your health by removing some of the pharmaceuticals and chemicals from your home.  They can be used as a complementary or alternative therapy for physical, emotional or even spiritual distress. I am not a physician and cannot diagnose or cure an ailment but can suggest an alternative way to go.

I provide complimentary essential oil consultations.

Sometimes family are the people you want to help the most but the last people who want to hear what you have to say.  See below for what my sister now has to say about essential oils

Last year I underwent C1 decompression surgery and my sister brought me a few gems which are now my day to day staple. Frankincense, Lavender, On Guard and the secret weapon Copaiba, she told me to rub each one on my neck, my healing scar and the bottom of my feet each night, as they will relieve me from pain, soreness, decrease inflammation and boost my immune system. The first thought was “ya sure” but being the little sister I did what I was told. Within a week of the surgery I had no need for the opioids I was given for pain and my now scar looks like it’s 5 years old rather than a little over a year. My new philosophy is why should we take pharmaceutical medicine if we don’t need to? Don’t wait to see to believe, try and believe. You only live once, right? YOLO”

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