Have you ever met someone and feel like you have known them before? Do you have fears or phobias that seem unrelated to anything that you have experienced in this lifetime. Do you have recurring dreams that seem like memories or an affinity for a certain place that maybe you have never been? Past Life regression is like a key that can unlock the mysteries of some of your present day issues and give you clarity about certain things that may come up in your life. 

Some of the benefits of doing PLR are:

  • Understand and align with life purpose
  • Understand key relationships with deeper insight
  • Process fear and anxiety associated with past life trauma
  • Experience life review and transcend the death experience
  • Acknowledge and embrace the key lessons of those lives
  • Understand and release past life wounds connected to physical challenges
  • Explore unresolved emotion that has carried through to this lifetime 


2 hours $225

Subsequent 1 hour sessions at $175

Prices subject to change

“I recently had a past life regression session with Sophia and it was amazing! It was unbelievable how visceral the journey was. A week later I am still processing the profound insights my past lives revealed to me. In a good way! Sophia was a very compassionate, supportive guide and the session was very comfortable and insightful. I would highly recommend working with Sophia and experiencing all the gifts your past lives have to help you on your current journey. Blessings.”

–  Jennifer, Yoga teacher and Studio Owner


My past life regression session with Sophia was so eye opening! She has a very calming presence that allowed me to get into a hypnotized state quickly. I experienced some lives in the regression that answered a lot of questions for me and opened my mind to some new ways of thinking. Sophia was wonderful and talked me through it all. I would highly recommend if you have any interest in doing a past life regression.” 

–  Jessica, Personal Chef